1. International Project Meeting; Vienna (Wien)

First international project meeting in Vienna (12-14 March 2012) focussed on general framework for learning materials.


The six project partners discussed at the Vienna meeting the next steps to be taken in view of the production of the language learning materials for low-skilled migrant workers in the construction sector. The analysis of the questionnaires distributed to a significant number of end-users in the 6 partner countries brought a claerer picture of the learners' profile. At the end of June 2012 all major elements of the design of the learning materials (including topics for the production of three videos on construction-specific language, safety and health protection on the working site and social interaction) will be finalised.

The participants also agreed on the first concerte dissemination activities.

They were informed by the project coordinator about all relevant financial and administrative aspects and procedures to be respected in the course of the project realisation.

2. International Project Meeting; Groningen (NL)

Project partners ready  to start drafting of learning materials


CoLa meeting in Groningen (NL)

18. & 19. October 2012


At their semi-annual meeting in Groningen (18 & 19 October, 2012) the project partners cleared the way for the start of the drafting process of all learning materials. The work of the coming weeks will focus on the three videos and the supportive text-based materials and  the online-exercises for grammar, vocabulary and phonetic  training.


The videos cover the following themes: construction specific language for activities with a high share of migrant workers (video 1) ; health protection and safety on construction sites (video 2); social interaction with colleagues from a different cultural and language background (video 3).

All partners will take over specific items of video 1 and 2 whereas video 3 will be produced locally by every project partner. This allows the video on social interaction to reflect the specific national/ regional/local  environment – in particular with regard to the cultural and  language background of the  migrant workers and their other colleagues. The videos deals with 5 items: family and friends; everyday life; education and health; job searching and relationship at work. In order to ensure a high degree of authenticity of the video dialogues the partners agreed to associate migrant workers in this work. 


Once the storyboards for the videos are completed, the partners will draft the supportive text-based materials and the additional online-exercises. The next step will be the production of the videos.

3. International Project Meeting; Leicester (UK)

LLP Education project: Final phase of the development of the CoLa learning materials


On 25th and 26th of April 2013 the third international CoLa meeting took place in Leicester, UK. During the meeting the partners coming from six European countries discussed how to continue the further schedule concerning the development of the learning materials for low-skilled construction workers with migration background who intend to learn the languages of the countries where they are working.

The project partners decided to finish the development of the fundamental learning materials (in German, English, French, Dutch and Spanish) by the end of September 2013. In the first instance, materials like videos and additional learning materials for grammar and vocabulary practice should be prepared for the CoLa e-learning platform and as well as in paper version. The development of grammar and vocabulary exercises should be finished before the end of 2013.


The English learning materials were checked internally before the CoLa partners met in Leicester. The assessment was very positive. The materials will be next assessed by an external evaluator concerning comprehensibility and technical terms for the construction industry. The production of videos dealing with basics, occupational health and safety and social aspects will start in the summer 2013.


From January 2014 all learning materials will be exemplary tested within the six European partner countries, before they are presented the public target group.

4th International Project Meeting in Toulouse (FR) 29 and 30 October 2013

The Austrian partner presented the German version of the videos 1 and 2 dealing with basic language in construction and health protection and safety in the workplace.


As to the other language versions of videos 1 and 2 the partners decided to do the voice recordings for their own language version of both videos by themselves.
The partners presented the first drafts of their video 3 on social interaction in the daily live and in the workplace. This video was completely produced locally because the video theme social interaction in everyday life and in the workplace differs from one country to another , thus allowing each partner to take fully  into account the specific cultural and social environment of the own country. 

The partners also discussed other elements of the learning materials such as the grammar and vocabulary exercises and how to integrate them technically in the e-learning platform. 

5th International Project meeting in Granada (ES) 14 and 15 April 2014

At the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 two completely unexpected developments affected the time table as agreed at the previous meeting s for completing the learning materials. The ES partner had to withdraw from the project for financial reasons, the UK partner had to cease its participation in the CoLA project because he could not find an adequate replacement for two leading members of the UK CoLa team who had to quit the project for health reasons and a change of work contract.

The partners discussed the new situation and the redistribution of tasks – such as the development of the instructional guides  - enabling the project to continue as smoothly as possible and to ensure the finalisation of the learning materials and the other work packages.

The partners also discussed preparations in view of the product testing phase.

6th International Project Meeting and European Exploitation Conference in Kerpen on 12 and 13 May 2015

The last meeting was dedicated to the product testing. The partners presented their findings from the evaluation workshops and even discussed tasks to be completed for the final report.


In addition, all were preparing to take on the European Exploitation Conference, which was also held in Kerpen on May 13.


Unfortunately, the Spanish and French colleagues from health and technical reasons, could not attend the meeting.


More than 25 participants from education, politics and economy attended the event.

In addition to some online modules also videos were presented in the respective project languages.


All in all, the participants were enthusiastic. Nevertheless they made some few suggestions that have been taken by all the partners gladly.

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